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Ilsa Neapolitan Coffee Maker Diamante Aluminum Also ideal for Barley

Ilsa Neapolitan Coffee Maker Diamante Aluminum Also ideal for Barley

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Ilsa Neapolitan Coffee Maker Diamante Aluminum Also ideal for Barley


  • Aluminum Coffee Pot with Bakelite Handle
  • Lid included in the package
  • Available in 1-2 / 3 / 6 / 9 / 12 Cup versions


    Coffee preparation

    • Once the coffee pot has been disassembled, the water is placed in the boiler; the level should reach approximately five millimeters below the steam outlet hole.
    • Place the ground coffee, without pressing it, into the special container, until it is flush with, or slightly above, the upper edge of the container.
    • Screw the filter onto the coffee container.
    • Fit the coffee container with the filter screwed onto the full water tank, taking care not to let the water spill.
    • Now fit the coffee tank onto the water tank, making sure that the two handles correspond in position and that there are no gaps between the water tank and the coffee tank.
    • The coffee pot is placed on a not too lively fire (which does not protrude from the diameter of the coffee pot).
    • When the water comes to the boil, a thin stream of steam comes out of the hole in the water tank, signaling that the time has come to firmly take the coffee pot by the two handles and turn it upside down. The water tank is thus located above the one that collects the coffee. The water then descends by gravity, passes through the coffee tank and filter and collects in the tank. From here it will be poured into the cups, thanks to the spout which, after turning the coffee pot, has assumed the correct direction, i.e. upwards.

    The time of complete "descent" of the water varies from five to ten minutes.


    To better conserve the aroma of the coffee while it descends into the appropriate tank (an operation which, if the coffee is very dense or constipated, can last even more than ten minutes) the use of the cuppetiello is suggested by the Neapolitan tradition, i.e. a small piece of paper folded in the shape of a cone placed to cover the hole in the spout, to be removed when pouring the coffee.

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