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Artificial Christmas Tree with Snow - 250 cm

Artificial Christmas Tree with Snow - 250 cm

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Artificial Christmas Tree with Snow - 250 cm

This artificial Christmas tree looks like a real winter pine!

The needles are made to avoid accidental punctures: they are not hard, but at the same time remain rigid.
It has thick branches which make the Christmas tree look very realistic.

The Christmas tree has a modular structure, which gives it two more advantages: the open Christmas tree can be assembled more easily, and after folding only the extreme parts, without the central one, we get a low and enlarged, perfect as a more delicate and undersized ornament.

A modern Christmas tree is not only beautiful, it is also practical. By placing it on a stable tripod, it stands firmly on the ground, it can be easily moved to various corners of the house.

The sprigs are stiff and firmly planted, they won't bend under the weight of the Christmas decorations. At the same time, they are easy to "rearrange" to increase the density of the twigs in the desired place.



  • Green colour
  • Detail: Snowy Peaks
  • Material: PVC of high quality with 3 foot base and interlocking supports
  • Tree type: Pine
  • Assembly Required: Yes
  • Dimensions: 150 cm height-80/85 cm circumference
  • 9 crowns-27 branches-201 twigs

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