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What is show cooking

Show cooking is a type of culinary performance in which the cook prepares dishes in front of a live audience or on television, demonstrating their cooking skills and providing hints and ideas for new recipes.

Because restaurants offer show cooking experiences

Restaurants can organize show cooking for several reasons:

  1. Attract customers: The cooking show can be a way to attract customers' attention and make the restaurant known.
  2. Demonstrate the quality of the food: during the show cooking, the cook can demonstrate the freshness and quality of the ingredients used in the dishes.
  3. Involving customers: cooking shows can be an opportunity to involve customers and create a more convivial atmosphere in the restaurant.
  4. Educate the public: show cooking can be an opportunity to teach customers new cooking techniques and present new recipes.
  5. Marketing: Show cooking can be used as a form of marketing to promote the restaurant and its menu.

Many people find it interesting to attend show cooking shows, especially if the cook is experienced and has a strong stage presence. Cooking shows can provide a unique and fun experience for customers, who can see how dishes are prepared and learn new cooking techniques.

What are the tools generally used for show cooking?

The tools used for show cooking vary according to the type of dish to be prepared. However, some common tools that can be used in a cooking show include:

Or there are restaurateurs who prefer to opt for more complete solutions, preferring the purchase of multipurpose gazebos equipped with several stations . 

If you are a restaurateur and want to offer your customers a unique experience, visit our page dedicated to show cooking tools!

For more information, call us on 081 173 62902 or on 375 615 5217 (also Whatsapp).

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