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Let's face it, an electric car to play can make any boy or girl happy. 

Very often, many parents prefer to surprise their little ones with maxi-sized cars, perhaps equipped with two seats, to allow them to play longer. Furthermore, extra-large models are often preferred by parents with several children, to allow them to play together and let them run around together. 

It is in these cases that parents opt for the purchase of electric off-road vehicles, which are generally equipped with extra-large dimensions and enhanced features when compared to other models.

In this article we offer you a short guide to guide you in choosing the perfect off-road vehicle for your child!

1. Off-road Speed ​​Nature

    This wonderful off-road vehicle fully embodies the characteristics evoked by its name. 

    This model, in fact, is equipped with a dual 45W motor that allows you to reach a speed of 5.5 km/h. However, the parent can rest assured for the safety of his children: this model is also equipped with a remote control for remote parental control! 

    It is also equipped with 4 super-resistant EVA rubber wheels that guarantee perfect adherence to the ground: the best for exploring even the most problematic roads. 

    Finally, the Speed ​​Nature off-road vehicle is available in 4 color variations to meet the preferences of every child!

    Find out more about this model here: Speed ​​Nature Off-Road

    2. Off-road vehicle XB-2118

    If two engines aren't enough, the XB-2118 off-roader even has 4! This model is also preferred by parents of older children (8-9 years) as it can support more weight thanks to its resistant structure (up to 60kg!) 

    This off-road vehicle is available in several colors and equipped with all the features that make it full optional

    Find out more about this model here: XB-2118 off-road vehicle for children

    3. SX1928 off-road vehicle 

    This model, also equipped with 4 45W motors and a 24v boosted battery, is recognizable by its mammoth design and its black paint.

    The EVA rubber 4-wheel drive makes the grip on the ground safer and more stable. 

    Its large size makes it perfect for children up to 8/10 years old. Also in this case, this off-road vehicle is perfect for running around with friends thanks to its double seat equipped with safety belts.

    Learn more about this model here: SX128 Off-Roader for Kids

    These are the hottest models of electric off-road vehicles for children for this summer 2022.

    Discover all the other models of off-road vehicles and electric cars for children on our website!

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