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A miniature electric car, perhaps of the same model as the one driven by the parents, can be a unique gift for your boy or girl.

There are more and more electric cars for kids available today and choosing the right one can be a really long process.

With this guide we want to give you information on how to choose the perfect car for your child and we will do so by taking into consideration the following aspects:

  1. Safety
  2. Options
  3. Preferences of the child
  4. Useful information



Many of the questions we get asked by concerned parents concern these topics:

  1. Does the electric car have a seat belt?

    All our cars are equipped with a seat belt!
    We at Espomasishop care about the safety of the little ones when using electric machines. Therefore we guarantee that, although many cars have a speed of between three and six kilometers per hour, our cars are equipped with a seat belt.


  1. Can the electric car be controlled remotely?

    All our electric cars for children are equipped with a remote control for remote control.
    Before letting your child venture out on the road, evaluate his hand-eye coordination and consider whether it is appropriate for mum or dad to take control of the vehicle, at least occasionally.
    In some models it is also possible to intervene on the steering while driving via the remote control.


  1. Does the car have automatic brakes?

    The automatic brakes in the mini-cars ensure that the electric car brakes as soon as the child takes his foot off the accelerator - this is the easiest way to brake and avoids problems for younger children. This automatic system also helps protect against collisions if the child is distracted or forgets to brake.

  2. Will my child be exposed to electrical wires?

    No need to worry about electronics.
    In our electric cars, the motor is always installed inside the vehicle, so that it is inaccessible for children. To protect the battery, it is best to park the electric car in a dry place.


The Optionals

In addition to safety, the various options also play an important role: the mini versions are often surprisingly similar to the originals and for them, as for the full-size models, a wide range of options are available:

  • Horn : Most electric vehicles for children have a horn. This makes driving even more fun for the little driver.

  • Music System : Just like road vehicles, many electric vehicles for kids include a mini sound system. The electric car can play music via SD card, USB or AUX port.

  • Realistic Lights and Sounds : LED headlights are a standard feature on many kids' cars. Just like the sound of the engine, they contribute to a more authentic driving sensation.

  • Rubber wheels : many models are equipped with rubber tires which guarantee better performance, greater driving pleasure and greater safety. However, plastic wheels are a good alternative on dry and rough surfaces.

  • Touch Screen TV : many of our models are equipped with MP4 displays to be able to watch videos and cartoons from your car.



    To each his own: preferences of the child

    As mentioned above, many children express a desire to drive the same personal car or work vehicle as their parents (trucks and police cars are snapped up for this!). Therefore you might consider choosing a model similar to the one you use.

    On our store you will find a huge selection of models with official licenses.

    If you can't find your car, please do not hesitate to contact us. Your car may be hidden somewhere in the huge assortment or even be on the way!


    Useful information

    Things to consider before buying.

    Most models are not delivered ready to drive: this means that very small assembly work must be carried out before the electric vehicle can be used, such as attaching the wheels or mirrors to sports cars, SUVs, etc.

    Assembly is generally straightforward and requires no mechanical skills. However, don't hesitate to contact us if you need directions. One of our consultants will be able to give you directions or point you to the specific tutorials created previously.

    In addition to the safety tips already mentioned, you may want to consider the following before making your purchase:

    1. Is the battery replaceable?
    2. Is the charger included or does it have to be ordered separately?
    3. How many seats does the car have? Two-seater cars can often be a valid solution to keep two children happy!
    4. How much does the model weigh? An electric car for children weighs about 30 kg and is difficult to carry up stairs or when traveling.


    We hope we have given you valid information and have removed any doubts regarding the choice of your child's future car.

    For more information, contact us:

    Landline: +39 081 1851 4903
    Mobile and Whatsapp: +39 375 615 5217
    Or on Facebook and Instagram

    An assistant will be happy to answer all your questions!

    By Espomasi Shop


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