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A toy truck is the dream of many children. Whether it's a desire to imitate a family member or a desire to explore the streets in an impressive vehicle, many children have always wanted a miniature truck.

Mercedes Actros trucks available on www.espomasishop.it

If our kids express the desire to have a truck, why just give them a little model of a truck? How much happier would it make children instead to give them a truck of their size that can also be transported?

Here, for these children we have reserved a ranking of the most beautiful and popular trucks in this 2022!

Mercedes Actros

Mercedes Actros available on www.espomasishop.it

One of the trucks we probably come across most frequently during our journeys on the motorway: the Mercedes-Benz Actros.

This very faithful reproduction is equipped with all the optionals that a child could want for his personal truck: MP3 system to listen to music while driving, LED lights and headlights, rubber wheels for greater resistance, opening doors, 24v battery for longer life and uprated engine for more power.

All this combined with the safety given by the belts and the remote control for remote parental control.

Furthermore, the mercedes Actros can be expanded with the addition of a comfortable and practical trailer thanks to which they can transport anything!

Find out more about this model: Mercedes-Benz Actros for Kids

Fire truck

If, on the other hand, the little one at home expresses curiosity about the courageous adventures of the firefighters, we have the truck that is right for him.

The fire truck is equipped with all the accessories useful for everyday work: in fact, it includes a helmet, fire extinguisher, working siren and backpack with water pistol!

In addition to the characteristic gadgets of this model, the fire truck is equipped with the necessary comforts for a self-respecting truck: LED lights, shock absorbers, 12V battery and two speed levels.

Find out more about this model: Fire Truck for Kids

Cabin Truck with Container 

Another of our little pilots' favorite models is undoubtedly the Transport Truck equipped with a real container!

The peculiarity of this model is that, unlike the others, it is already equipped with a cab that can be opened and used for the transport of objects.

However, this model is also loved for its features such as 4 super powerful motors, EVA rubber wheels and 2 reachable speeds.

Find out more about this model: Transport Truck with Container

These are just some of our children's favorite models.

Discover all the models of electric trucks for children available on our store !

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