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Scooter CityAll 250E White Registered

Scooter CityAll 250E White Registered

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CityAll 250E WHITE NEW MODEL 2020 is a CIERVO Brand.

Successful restyling that gives a complete touch of freshness. The larger 18' wheel makes it more aggressive by acquiring cm in height.

In addition, larger front and rear discs have been added and the Bigger brake pumps make cityAll even safer when driving and braking.

Very cool and safe thanks to its preparation with attention to the smallest details. The keys to manage the anti-theft are very practical, as is the locking of the front wheel which allows tampering by the bad guys.

The oversized rear suspension stabilizes accidental bumps and balances the weight, the front and rear disc brakes allow remarkable performance on all types of routes.

Cityall is very stable and sinuous while driving, allowing even the youngest to have fun during raids with their friends. The powerful, wide-angle LED lighting allows for pleasant journeys even during the evening.

Very comfortable even for 2 passengers with a large rear storage box. The increased long-life batteries allow an autonomy of 50km and in the event of premature energy depletion, they are equipped with pedals to accompany the scooter to hospitalization. The scooter can be easily charged and rechargeable even at home.


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