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Monaco GT4 Race 24v Electric Car for Children with Touch Screen TV

Monaco GT4 Race 24v Electric Car for Children with Touch Screen TV

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The New Monaco GT4 Race 24V 2021 exclusively on Espomasishop 

The New Monaco GT4 Race Electric Car, a jewel for its quality and comfort, which will guarantee guaranteed fun for your child and, why not, also for his parents!
Want to find out what makes the New Monaco GT4 Race unique from all the others? Well, we can give you at least 6 reasons:

  1. Its huge passenger compartment makes this car the largest and most resistant on the market: this allows you to accompany your child's fun in different stages of his growth. In addition, this wonderful toy will allow you to share special moments with your child as it is, so far, the only electric car for children with a steel frame so resistant that it can even carry an adult!
  1. The new Monaco GT4 Race 24v guarantees incredible performance in terms of power and speed. What makes this car exclusive is the perfect combination of speed and safety , being equipped at the same time with oversized seat belts , excellent shock absorbers , disc brakes and rear differential .
  1. The design and options of the car simulate driving a real car, thanks to the handbrake and the brake pedal , as well as the front and rear LED lights . Driving the 12v model, however, can be controlled remotely thanks to the remote control, another detail that makes this car safe and preferred by many parents.
  1. The Long Life Battery allows for a longer duration than other models on the market. However, the battery is easy to recharge as it will be enough to remove it and recharge it in a normal household electrical socket!
  1. Furthermore, the Monaco GT4 Race is equipped with an mp4 television positioned in the front which makes your child's experience even more interactive. The TV features 8 hours of cartoons completely in Italian.
  1. Last but not least, the unbeatable price of this car makes it decidedly competitive on the market: in fact, you have the possibility of giving your child a unique experience for just €999.00 instead of €1,290.00!


Features of the Monato GT4 Race exclusively on Espomasishop:

  • Television + 8 hours of films in Italian
  • Reinforced seat belts
  • Huge 180 Watt 24 Volt brushless motor
  • Opening doors
  • Speed ​​of about 18Km/H
  • Recommended age 6 and up
  • Working headlights and brake lights
  • Aux input for phone or MP3 player
  • Air filled rubber tires
  • USB / MP3 connectivity
  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • Exclusive variable speed pedal
  • Brake pedal to slow down
  • Disk brakes
  • Leather seats
  • Glossy varnish
  • Parking handbrake
  • All steel frame
  • Rear differential
  • Forward and reverse
  • 2-speed high and low switch in the car
  • Includes 24v battery
  • Exclusive charging adapter cable
  • 24v charger


Technical specifications:

  • Weight Supported 150Kg
  • Charging time 8-12 hours
  • Running time: 30-60 minutes
  • 31.25 cm diameter tires
  • Car height 70cm
  • Machine width 105cm
  • Length of the car 169 cm

This is a large, fast toy and therefore should be used in a safe, open area away from objects and people. Parental supervision is required and safety clothing is also recommended at all times.

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